Sunday, April 30, 2017

Year in Photos

Last May I decided to take one picture a day for an entire year and I made it! I used an app to keep all my pictures in a calendar. I love looking back at past months to see what we were up to.

May 2016
May was a typical month. A few play/coffee dates with friends and hanging out at home.

June 2016
June was a pretty normal month around here as well. J had a few days off work for Dragon Boat festival. J also celebrated his birthday this month.

July 2016
July was a busy month. We potty trained Little O, it went better than expected! We went to Shanghai for a day with friends. And we traveled to Guilin, China for a long weekend.

August 2016
August was a good month. Mostly a typical month with playing outside, getting beers with friends. The highlight of the month was when Little O started preschool!! He goes five days a week, and rides the bus. Most days he loves it, but he does occasionally want to stay home and hangout with me.

September 2016
September was a month to get used to our new normal. Little O is at preschool every day and I started a mandarin course at a local University five days a week as well. We still had time to see friends, celebrate my birthday and go on a couple date nights.

October 2016
The first week of October is the national week holiday. We all had time off work/school so we headed to Cambodia. We visited Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the best part of the trip was definitely Angkor Wat. It was amazing, I hope to visit again some day.

November 2016
November was a month for apartment searching/packing, and saying good-bye to friends. Our good friends moved to southern China, we were very sad to see them go. We were also busy looking for a new apartment, our landlord wanted to give our old apartment to his newly married son/daughter-in-law. Again we were sad to leave our old apartment, but we were able to find a new place in our same complex.

December 2016
Typically we would spend December in the USA, but this year we decided to do it a little differently. We spent the last two weeks of the month traveling around Thailand. It was a great trip, but it felt like we didn't have a Christmas. Before leaving on our trip we did get to do a few Christmas events, like visiting Santa, a Christmas market in Shanghai and brunch with good friends.

January 2017
Just a normal month again in January. A few play dates, my cellphone died, manicure/pedicure for me, and we ended the month celebrating our third wedding anniversary.

February 2017
Nothing too exciting happened in February. Little O was home sick for a week with a fever. We took the train to Shanghai with friends.

March 2017

March was a fun month! Little O turned three!! J went to the US for work while Little O and I went to Osaka, Japan to visit my brother. My mom, dad, sister and niece were also visiting. It was a really fun partial-family reunion.

April 2017

This part month was again a fairly typical month. The weather has warmed up and the rain has mostly stopped so we had a few outdoor playdates. We also randomly meet a university classmate of my brother and sister in laws through the parent of one of Little O's classmates.

So there you have it a quick recap of what we have been up to for the last year.


I know I've been terrible at writing posts for a while now. Both Little O and I started school in September, he in preschool and me in University learning Chinese. I hope to get caught up with our travels as my school year is coming to an end soon. I can't promise that I will be perfect as we have a busy summer ahead of us. But I will do my best to post regularly.