Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Japan: Three relaxing days

The last three days in Japan Baby O and I stayed in Osaka to spend more time with family and J headed up to Tokyo for a work. We spent these three days just doing regular things.

One afternoon my brother, Baby O and I picked up cousin S from daycare and then played at the park.
Baby O wanted to go everywhere that Cousin S went.
The next day was the 4th of July. Cousin S had a program at his daycare that we went to in the morning. It was so cute! The parents helped with an art project and they kids had a short concert as well. We went to lunch with friends and had good old fashioned burgers and fries for dinner. It was a great 4th of July with family.
Daycare program
Baby O keeping busy
He always wanted to do what his cousin was doing!
On our last day in Japan we got to see Cousin S do some swimming. Then we did some bubbling blowing/popping before heading to the airport.
Cousin S is in the far right lane.
I know I said this before but I really had such a great time in Japan, it felt like we had visited home, not a foreign country. It was comfortable, relaxing, easy to get around, good food and so much fun!

And one last picture that perfectly sums up our flight home:

Japan: Osaka Castle & Museum

Our next day in Osaka was just J, Baby O and I, everyone else was at work or school. We decided to have a nice relaxing morning before heading out for the day. Our first stop was back to the Ramen restaurant that we had been to before. J LOVED it, I'm sure he would have eaten just ramen from this one restaurant the entire trip if he could have. The people remembered us and were so nice and helpful.

Next stop was the Osaka Museum of History. I didn't take very many photos on this particular day. But it was a nice day and the museum was pretty good. It had information about the city of Osaka starting in ancient times through present day.
Osaka Castle
After the museum we went across the street to the Osaka Castle Park. Osaka Castle was originally constructed in 1583, but was destroyed or burned many times over the years. in 1931 the present concrete reconstruction of the Castle tower was built. The interior has a museum of the castles history. It was interesting to see this castle, but it was not as impressive as Hemiji.
And a picture of Baby O, just because :)

Japan: Osaka Aquarium

I thought that I posted this a while ago, but I must have forgotten to hit publish or our China internet was acting up. Anyway, here is more about or trip to Japan from June! eek! Sorry it has taken me SO long to get these written and published. I have one or two more about Japan AND we have been to Xi'an and Hong Kong too. I've got to get busy!

After spending a couple of days in the Hiroshima area we took the train back to Osaka to meet up with my brother and nephew. After getting a quick bit to eat we were headed to the Osaka Aquarium. This is the first time that Baby O had been to an Aquarium and oh man did he have a good time! There was a lot of running and pointing and squealing.

Waiting for our train back to Osaka.
There were a couple attempts to get these two in a picture. This is the only one with both of them looking at the camera.
The center of the aquarium had this huge tank with a whale shark, stingray, manta ray and many other fish.
At the end there was a place where you could feel the fish. I am pretty sure this is Cousin S' favorite part.
Later that day Baby O and his cousin played with the mini pool and toys that Grandma A got them. One of the boys was very excited about splashing and getting into the water. One wanted to play a game without his little cousin in the way.

A Picture a Week | 25/52

He had a lot of fun with his oatmeal today!

A Picture a Week | 24/52

Baby O loves a fruit snack and he knows he isn't supposed to walk around with them. As soon as he saw it in my hand he sat right down.