Monday, August 25, 2014

The flight

Baby O and I arrived safely in China on Friday evening.  This flight didn't go as smoothly as our trip over in June, but it wasn't terrible.

The happy travelers just before we boarded the plane. (Sorry for the poor quality phone pictures.)

Thankfully there was no one sitting next to us, even though the guy at the gate desk told me that the plane was completely full. I am not sure why he needed to lie to me about the empty seat, I was just happy to have the row to ourselves.

I was able to put Baby O down while he slept which was nice. He slept for a while at the beginning of the flight. He did get easily distracted by all the sounds and lights that were happening on the plane. He was particularly interested in the man sitting across the aisle from us, who played Bejeweled for about eight hours straight. Baby O also wanted to watch this mans daughter who was moving around and playing with another little girl on the plane, and pushing the flight attendant call button many times. The flight attendants were not pleased about this and neither of the girls' fathers seemed to care.

Thankfully Baby O was sleeping when the meal came. I was able to enjoy a glass of wine and watch part of The Book Thief. What I saw of the movie was good. I didn't get to finish it because Baby O woke up. I'll just have to see if can find here. Overall it was a good flight, not much turbulence.

Here is one last photo of Baby O sleeping. I made a "fort" for him to sleep under to keep it a little bit darker for him.


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