Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's good for the skin

Well, last night I ate stomach and it wasn't horrible. J and I headed down the street for dinner to what we thought was a hot pot restaurant, it turned out to be Korean BBQ.  It was a happy accident to try out a new food.
 (The charcoal grill in the center of our table.)

There was an English speaking gentleman (I think he was a manager) helping us figure out the menu. There were pictures in the menu which was helpful. There were two items on the first page that were on special, he said they were a little spicy and best if you have them both together. We thought, sure we like spicy, we will take one of each and also another item that look like thick bacon.

I didn't take a good look at the menu, but I thought the two items that were on special looked like little sausages and beef.  I was right about one of the items.

(The two special items cooking.)

I should have taken a closer look (or just asked what we were ordering) at the picture in the menu because what we got was in fact stomach. The manager (who helped us order) said that eating the stomach meat is good for the skin. I tried a couple of bites of the stomach. It was a little bit chewy, and not horrible if you put some sauce on it, but I wouldn't make it for myself.

(The thick bacon cooking.)

Each of the tables had a vacuum above it to suck away all the smoke. The vacuums are the copper thing above the cooking meat in the two above pictures. I have only been to Korean BBQ one other time, while I was in Japan, and they did not have these contraptions at the table and we all left the restaurant smelling like BBQ.

In addition to the meat there were many other small plates of food.  There were two salads, kimchi, and spicy green beans to name a few.  The salad above had sprinkles on it. Neither of us tried the salad because there were plenty of other things to try, so I don't know if the sprinkles were a good addition.  J and I both enjoyed the restaurant and said we would go again. Although I will question the server a little more before we place our order next time :)


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