Sunday, October 12, 2014

Seoul: Day 3 - War Memorial of Korea

On our third day in Seoul we planned to do some indoor activities because there was rain in the forecast. We headed to the War Memorial of Korea, we ended up spending the entire day there. Both J and I found the museum to be very interesting. There are six indoor exhibition rooms and also an outdoor exhibition displaying military equipment. We didn't get to enjoy the outdoor area much, because of the rain.
There were many weapons and vehicles on display.  Below is a picture of a Hwacha, which is a mobile firearms launcher used during the Joseon Dynasty, one of the many weapons we saw. It was used to kill and injure large groups of people with one shot.
The majority of the memorial was devoted to the Korean War. I did not know much about this time in Korean history. This section started with June 25, 1950 and worked its way through the war. There was a interesting section on the UN countries that helped South Korea.

We didn't leave the museum until about 5pm. We decided to just head back to the hotel to rest before dinner.  For dinner we walked about a block away to a BBQ restaurant. The menu was only in Korean, thankfully our waitress spoke some English. 
We had beef and some soju (Korean rice wine). There were also some side dishes of pickled vegetables, kimchee and scrambled egg with green onions. It was all very tasty. There was an older woman who worked for the restaurant that offered to hold Baby O while we were eating. This happens often in China as well, I have never taken anyone up on the offer, but I looked at J and we both said sure why not. I was thinking that she would just stay by our table, but I should have known that wasn't going to be the case. She took Baby O on a tour of the restaurant showing him to everyone and into the kitchen too. There was another patron that wanted to have his picture taken with Baby O, she passed him to the man and Baby O looked up at him and started to cry.
The gentlemen in the middle of this photo is the one who wanted a picture with Baby O.


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