Thursday, April 2, 2015

Family Day

A couple of weekends ago there was a family day event at J's company. We were up early on Saturday morning to head to Changzhou (its a little over an hour away) where his work is located.
J had to be there early to help check everyone in. I believe he said there were supposed to be about 500 people there that day. Baby O and I just wondered around while we waited for J. Baby O was very popular, everyone wanted to say hello to him and hold him. He wasn't interested though he just wanted to walk around. We were asked many times if Baby O was our 'daughter'... J thinks this means that he needs a haircut ... I disagree.

After everyone was checked in our made our way to the stage for an opening message from J's boss. Then it was time to participate in the activities. There were many to choose from: a rock climbing wall, a bounce house for the kids, cotton candy, cactus planting, life size monopoly, sumo wrestling, riding in the lifts. There were also some people making little figurines out of a play dough looking clay or animals out of palm leaves and a guy making animals with a brown sugar mixture. 
J requested a chicken for me.
The artist at work. He is making a horse here.
The palm animal and also you can kind of see the cactus' in the top right.
I had a quick ride in the middle lift on the right. I was not a fan! J said I shouldn't
 be worried because he designed them and he wouldn't make anything that wasn't safe.
 I trust him, but I still didn't like it when it kind of swayed when we were at the top.
You could also ride up in these but you had to wear a harness because they go much higher.


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