Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Suzhou Garden

I know, I know all we do is go to gardens in Suzhou! There are just so many to see and they are all different and interesting in there own way.

A couple of weekends ago we headed to the Couple's Retreat Garden. This garden was built in 1874. I forgot my good camera so I the pictures are from my phone and not great quality.
The Couple's Retreat has a central living area flanked by an east and west garden. The Couple's Retreat is approximately 2 acres and is surrounded by canals on three sides. It is currently registered as a World Heritage site.
We stopped to listen to these woman preform. The older woman is playing a 'pipa' which is a four-stringed lute. The younger woman on the left is playing a 'sanxian' which is a three stringed lute. The younger woman was also singing. It was neat to see them preform, although this is not my favorite type of music.
 It is a little bit hard to tell but Baby O is looking to the side in this photo. There were two or three women over there also taking our photo.
 And it didn't stop with those women from the previous picture we also go to take photos with a bunch of people after J took this photo of us.  Again Baby O is distracted by them.
The cell phone paparazzi
This is definitely the smallest garden we have been to in Suzhou and a little bit hard to find. But it was still worth a visit.

After checking we were headed back to the subway station and we happened to walk past a section of the Suzhou City Wall. This section of the wall is not original, there weren't any signs so I don't know when it was built, but it looks rather new. There are sections of the city wall in Suzhou that are much older than this that we will have to check out at some point.


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