Sunday, November 2, 2014

Master of Nets

Master of Nets entrance gate
A couple of weeks ago we visited one of Suzhou's gardens, Master of Nets. The garden was first constructed in 1140 by the Deputy of Civil Service Minster, Shi Zhengzhi. After Shi Zhengzhi's death the garden fell into disarray until 1785. At this time Song Zongyuan, a retired government official, restored/redesigned the garden. Over the years owernship changed hands many times with the final owner being He Chang. In He Chang's will he stated that the garden be donated to the government. In 1958 his daughter, He Zehui, donated the garden to the Suzhou government.

We had a good time wondering around the garden the beautiful fall day (although it was rather warm, so it didn't feel like a true fall). This is a much smaller garden than the others in Suzhou that we have been to. There were a couple of tour groups there, as well as an art class that were spread out around the pond drawing.
This large pond was in the center of the garden/buildings


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