Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Picture A week | 8/52

Long hair no more! Well I finally cut Baby O's hair and I miss it. (Technically these pictures are from last week.) He looks like a different kid now, well more like a kid and not my baby any more.

 I cut it myself, so don't look too closely it is not a great hair cut. I read a few tutorials and watched a couple of videos. I got out the Bumbo seat, some Puffs (he ate almost an entire container) and put a Baby Einstein video on and an hour later he had short hair! Everything I read said to have an extra person around to help....I should have done this. J was out of town and I knew if I didn't just do it than I would keep putting it off. Hopefully it will go smoother with someone else around next time.
Just in case you forgot how wacky his hair was.


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