Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nanmen Small Commodities Wholesale Market

About a month ago I went with a friend to look for some fabric. She had a skirt that she wanted to make and she remembered me saying I wanted to make a pillow to go in Baby O's circus tent.
The first level of the market is actually a flea market. To get to the fabric section we walked straight back and then up to the second level. I knew it wasn't going to be like JoAnn Fabric, but it was a little crazier then I was expecting it to be. This is China I should have known there would be fabric everywhere. There was fabric piled on fabric from the floor to practically the ceiling in some of the stalls. Others had roll after roll leaning against the walls. There was almost any type of fabric you could want: linen, cotton, silk, plain, plaid, sparkly, lace, flannel, wool, denim, etc.
You could also get zippers, buttons, thread and ribbon.
My friend was able to find some pretty fabric for her skirt. I didn't find any fabric I wanted for the pillow, but I wasn't looking very hard, I was just talking it all in. I ended up taking J to this market a couple of weeks later. He got some plaid fabric for a couple of shirts.
Both J and my friend took the fabric they purchased here to a tailor to have their clothes made. It appeared that some of the stalls also had tailors, but when my friend asked they all said no, they wouldn't make the style of dress that she wanted. Luckily there is a good tailor close by that would make it for her.
On the visit with J we also wandered around the flea market before leaving. There was SO.MUCH.STUFF and all different types too! You could get plants, dishes, buttons, shoes, clothes, underwear, pajamas, art, goldfish, rubber bands, brooms, tape, purses, toys, and probably a ton of other stuff that I didn't even notice.
The market was easy to get to by public transportation. I will definitely be going back some time soon.
(Address: 63, renmin road gusu)


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