Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hong Kong

At the beginning of September we spent a long weekend in Hong Kong. It was a great weekend! We really enjoyed the city, even though it was ridiculously humid. Hong Kong was a nice break away from mainland China. It had a similar feel as mainland China, but it also felt like we were in a large western city, like New York or London. Language wasn't an issue and getting around the city was very easy on the subway.

Our first day we headed up to the peak, which is at the top of Hong Kong Island. The view was good, and it wasn't a completely clear day. We rode the tram down, which was fun but much more expensive than the bus that we rode up. After the peak we walked through Hong Kong Park and stopped at a tea museum.
The view from the peak looking towards Kowloon

The next day we headed out to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. It took a while to get out to the museum (which is on Kowloon) from our hotel (on Hong Kong Island) and it was not what we were expecting. We were looking for some history and we got Bruce Lee. It was an interesting museum, but we might not have visited had we realized that there wasn't much historical information.

We had heard that there were some wild monkey's on the Kowloon. We rode the bus part way up a hill and walked in a park for a bit before we found them. We didn't stay too long, but we did get to see a couple of the young monkey's wrestling.
On the bus

The next day we did a little more exploring on Kowloon, but this time we road the Star Ferry. Then we walked along the Avenue of the Stars. We only knew one of the stars. We spent most of our day at the Hong Kong History Museum. I'm pretty sure J could have spent even more time there, he loved it! That evening we walked down to the waterfront to watch the "Symphony of Lights" (a laser light show). It was rather underwhelming, not worth keeping Baby O up late two nights in a row (we attempted to go the night before but missed it).
Sometimes you just have to skip dinner and go straight for dessert!
Baby O enjoyed the music.
Our last day we only did one thing - eat breakfast, and it was Delicious! After that we had to head to the airport. I definitely recommend going to the Australian Dairy Co if you are in Hong Kong. Don't be intimidated by the long line, it is long, but it moves quickly. Breakfast was thick cut white toast, Hong Kong Style milk tea, macaroni soup with ham and the best scrambled eggs. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

We only had a few days in Hong Kong but they were great. I really loved this city and I'm ready to visit again!


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