Thursday, November 5, 2015

Xi'an, China: Drum Tower & Muslim Quarter

While in Xi'an we also went to the Drum Tower. There is a huge drum inside the tower (it was much to dark to get a good photo). Each day at sunset this huge drum was beaten to indicate the end of the day. There is also a Bell Tower in Xi'an (we walked by it, but didn't go in). The Bell was rung each morning at dawn.
This family wouldn't get out of the way so they get to be part of our photo :)
The bell tower is in the back ground.
Next we wandered around the Muslim Quarter of Xi'an. It was a little bit overwhelming. There were a lot of shops, restaurants, food carts and so many people!
Here are just a few of the food options that I photographed:
While in the Muslim Quarter we also stopped at an ancient-styled folk house.
We had three days in Xi'an and it was plenty of time of us to see everything we wanted to see. We did hire a guide to take us out to the Terra Cotta Warriors. It was nice to have someone show us around and answer questions as well.


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