Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Xi'an China: Terra Cotta Warriors

Way back in August we spent a long weekend in Xi'an, China. I usually take notes on our vacations but didn't for this particular trip. I don't have as much information, but here are some pictures from our visit. 
There are three pits containing the warriors. The room is HUGE!

I believe we are looking at the spot where the warriors were found in 1974 when a local farmer began digging a water well.
Part of the "hospital" section of the pit
More "hospital".

On this day we also went to Banpo Village. This museum is the site where a Neolithic community lived. (Sorry about the poor quality pictures, these were taken with my cell phone.)
These are urns used for the burial of children.
A portion of the Banpo's home were under ground.


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