Thursday, November 5, 2015

Xi'an, China: City Wall & Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Our first day in Xi'an was spent driving out to the Terra Cotta Warriors and also stopping at the Banpo Village Museum. This took up all of our first day because the site is outside the city of Xi'an. The next day we explored the city of Xi'an.

From our hotel we were able to walk to all but one of the tourist attractions we wanted to see. We went to the city wall first. The wall encircles a small section Xi'an, about five and half square miles. I read that it is nice to rent a bike and ride around the city, it is about eight and a half miles. They did not have baby seats/helmets or this would have been a fun thing to do.
This building is across the street from the city wall. I just liked the look of it :)
We also went to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. We were stopped by some school children who had an assignment to practice their English. They were very sweet! I wish I had taken a picture with them.
View from the seventh level of the pagoda.


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